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Improve your Harvest Yield with Monbulk Rural Bird Netting

Bird Netting and Bird Proof Products

High quality, UV protected polyethylene commercial grade structural bird net & throw or drape over bird netting (vine net) designed to assist in the protection of damage to valuable crops.

Bird netting, from Monbulk Rural, is available as:

  • Structural bird netting - approximately 42gsm, available in black and white, and widths from 5m to 15m;
  • Throw or drape over bird netting (vine net) – approximately 28 to 32gsm, available in black and white, and widths from 5 to 18m.
  • Light weight domestic garden bird net is available in 4m width ONLY. Other features and benefits of Monbulk Rural bird netting:
  • 10 Year UV warranty
  • Bird netting available cut to length or in full rolls/bales

Bird netting accessories and service available include:

    • Post Caps – Protects the bird net from sharp edges on timber or steel posts;
    • Vine Clips – A simple and easy way to attach the bird net to the bird netting structure;
    • Lacing Cord – A UV stabilised thread to repair any unforeseen damage on the bird netting;
    • Quick calculation service, to determine to width and length of throw or drape over bird netting (vine net) for your vineyard

Monbulk Rural can arrange a site appraisal and quote to erect a bird netting structure using our high quality bird netting.

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Ph: (03) 9756 6355
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